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secret santa headcanons (modern au):

JEAN GOT EREN AND HE’S SO PISSED HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO GET THIS KID. He asks Armin for ideas but Armin is waaaaaaay too amused at the situation to help out and tells Jean to try his best and figure it out! After much thought he…


headcanons for how squad levi 2.0 would dress in a modern au

ok here we go

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jean as commander though… he names covert missions after memes…. operation doge is in progress….


armin arlert wading through wet sand to the glimmering blue of the ocean, feeling the cold water lap over his bare toes, smelling the salt in the air, gazing out at the seagulls flitting towards the horizon, inhaling deeply; jean kirschstein coming out of NOWHERE, lifting him up, screaming “SURF’S UP, ARMIN-KUN” and hurling him into the water with all his clothes on


Hanji’s one of those people who gives really genuine thankful compliments when someone’s helped her out. Even though she means it in a friendly way it really sucks for Levi because she’ll thank him for something and smile at him so earnestly he needs to leave immediately to find a secluded area to blush furiously and be miserable in.

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okAY but like

levi is probably the type of person who always forgets birthdays and anniversaries and etc, but hanji is probably the type of person who loses track of the days very easily

so there’s a 99.999% chance that one year, levi forgot hanji’s birthday…


modern au internet/texting headcanon: levi is one of those people who suddenly start using proper grammar when they’re upset and it’s fucking terrifying for everyone involved.


you know what would be a sad ending to snk though, if eren has annihilated all the titans, and he was about to be awarded some high position or something, but then he locks himself in an empty room with a mirror and mikasa is banging on the door asking him to let her in, and armin is trying to talk eren into letting them in, and he just looks in the mirror and he just says “…every last one of them” and then he just kills himself.


snk au where everyone finds out ymir is actually 70 years old b/c she carries around boiled candies and spit cleans the boys cheeks and tries to go to bed at 4pm


Levi is color blind and can’t tell the difference between pink and dark red so sometimes he accidentally wears pink and no one can tell me otherwise