Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.
b. August 4, 1900, d. March 30, 2002

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Queen Elizabeth, consort of King George VI, was photographed in 1939 by Cecil Beaton, a famous photographer for Vogue who was, indeed, considered extremely revolutionary. In his diary, it is suggested that the woman who is now commonly known as the ‘Queen Mother’ was directly involved with each portrait, selecting dresses and accessories. These portraits were the start of a wonderful relationship between the pair, Beaton going on to photograph numerous royal events, such as the baby photographs of Prince Charles and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1963, when Beaton published his first book of royal portraits, the Queen mother wrote to her photographer: “My dear Mr Beaton…I feel that as a family, we must be deeply grateful to you for producing us, as really quite nice and real people!”


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HM The Queen as a Bond Girl. Always gold. 


Buckingham Palace bombed during World War Two

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